Study Shows Rebuilding Together’s Community Revitalization Partnership Approach Provides Extensive Benefits for Communities in Need

Holistic strategy improved overall safety, physical health, mental health, independence, economic security and community connection

Washington, D.C., April 2, 2024 – Rebuilding Together, the leading national nonprofit dedicated to repairing homes and revitalizing communities, has released the results of its 2022-23 Community Revitalization Partnership pilot project. Rebuilding Together evaluated the impact of the approach, involving five affiliates making repairs and accessibility improvements to 30 homes. The report highlights the positive impact on the homeowners and communities Rebuilding Together served using this method. 

Key results include:

  • Nearly one-quarter of homeowners felt more “welcomed by and included in my neighborhood” after repairs than before.
  • There was an 86% reduction in falls following the repairs among the homeowners who reported falling at home before the improvements.
  • Approximately half of the respondents who categorized their physical health in one of the three lowest categories before repairs reported an improvement after repairs.
  • Close to one-third of homeowners rated their likelihood of aging in place as greater after repairs than before.
  • Among homeowners who reported a high frequency of feeling nervous or stressed about the condition of their home before repairs, two-thirds reported a reduced frequency of stress after repairs.
  • More than a quarter of homeowners reported lower home maintenance costs after repairs. None reported increased home maintenance and repair costs.

The full report can be viewed on Rebuilding Together’s website:

“Our affiliates have truly demonstrated the many benefits of the community revitalization partnership approach through this pilot project, including safer homes and better connection with one’s neighborhood,” said Maureen Carlson, Rebuilding Together’s interim president and CEO & chief strategy officer. “At Rebuilding Together, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement, and this approach is just one example of how we are working toward our vision of safe and healthy homes and communities for everyone.”

A community revitalization partnership occurs when a Rebuilding Together affiliate aligns with community development goals, collaborating with residents and other stakeholders to have a larger impact on a specific area. It is an integrated strategy to provide revitalization of key neighborhood assets, involving participation in local community planning, advocacy and referrals for basic needs, and a focus on equity best practices.

This study measured the organization’s impact across six critical domains: community, safety, physical health, mental health, economic security and independence. Rebuilding Together uses the results of evaluations like this one to analyze its programs' effectiveness and improve its services and the long-term impact of its mission. 

Participating affiliates in this study were Rebuilding Together Atlanta, Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago, Rebuilding Together Peninsula, Rebuilding Together Philadelphia and Rebuilding Together St. Louis.


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