Survey Results Demonstrate Broad Positive Impact of Rebuilding Together Programs

Findings show wide-ranging effects of no-cost home repairs from national nonprofit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 14, 2021: Rebuilding Together, the leading national nonprofit dedicated to repairing homes and revitalizing communities, has released the results of its 2020 - 2021 Impact Measurement survey. The results, which include the assessment of more than 1,000 homes and input from hundreds of residents nationwide, indicate broad-ranging positive impacts on the people and communities Rebuilding Together has served.

Key results include the following:

  • Among survey respondents who reported feeling least proud of their property before repairs, 87 percent reported feeling prouder after repairs.
  • Among respondents who fell or almost fell in the six months before repairs, 67 percent did not fall again in the four to 12 months following repairs.
  • Among survey respondents who felt it was difficult to move around their home before repairs, 80 percent reported finding it easier to move after repairs.
  • Among survey respondents who reported perceiving their property as having the least financial value before repairs, 77 percent reported perceiving their property as more valuable following repairs.
  • Among survey respondents who were the least likely to report that they would age in place before repairs, 86 percent reported an increased likelihood that they would age in place after repairs.
  • Among survey respondents who reported a high frequency of feeling nervous or stressed about the condition of their home before repairs, 67 percent reported a reduction in their frequency of feeling nervous or stressed after repairs.

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“The past year and a half have demonstrated that a safe and healthy home is more important than ever before, while the need for critical repairs for low-income homeowners continues to rise,” said Rebuilding Together President and CEO Caroline Blakely. “We’re thrilled to see that thanks to the hard work of Rebuilding Together affiliates, residents nationwide are feeling safer, healthier and happier in their homes. We look forward to the work ahead as we continue to repair homes, revitalize communities and rebuild lives.”

The survey is part of a multiyear, multiphase effort to fully understand the impact of Rebuilding Together’s work on the health, safety, wellbeing and financial status of the residents and communities it serves. Rebuilding Together uses these results to gauge the effectiveness of its programs and improve both its services and the long-term impact of its mission. The organization created the survey to measure impact across six critical domains: community, safety, physical health, mental health, economic security and independence.

To conduct the survey, 13 Rebuilding Together affiliates from across the country, in partnership with external evaluator, Actionable Insights, collectively assessed 1,012 homes and surveyed 442 residents. All surveyed residents received repairs from Rebuilding Together between July 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020.

Participating affiliates in the survey were: Rebuilding Together Acadiana, Rebuilding Together Baltimore, Rebuilding Together Broward County, Rebuilding Together Dayton, Rebuilding Together Fox Valley, Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte, Rebuilding Together Houston, Rebuilding Together New York City, Rebuilding Together North Central Florida, Rebuilding Together Oklahoma City, Rebuilding Together Saratoga County, Rebuilding Together Seattle and Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada.


About Rebuilding Together:

Rebuilding Together is the leading national nonprofit organization repairing the homes of people in need and revitalizing our communities. Through its national network of affiliates, Rebuilding Together works proactively and collaboratively with community leaders, long-term residents, funders and volunteers to foster dialogue and create safe, healthy communities across the country. Learn more and get involved at