AmeriLove is Real

February 14, 2020
by Ethan Beardsley, Manager, National Service Programs at Rebuilding Together National

There’s something special about serving as an AmeriCorps member—the experiences you take away, the valuable life lessons you learn and the passion for service you grow. For many members, though, one of the highlights of serving is the people you meet. Whether they turn out to be your future colleague, your best friend or even your significant other, the relationships made in AmeriCorps are strong and can last a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day is one day and opportunity to tell others how much you love and value them. This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to celebrate love by highlighting some of the friendships and relationships that began in our AmeriCorps program. 

Dan and Melissa

Dan served at Rebuilding Together New Orleans from 2011 to 2012 as an AmeriCorps State and National member. Melissa served at Rebuilding Together New Orleans in 2012 and Rebuilding Together New York City in 2013 as a CapacityCorps member. They’ve been together for nearly eight years and got married in September 2018! Dan says, “I trained Melissa how to use the Fuelman card to put gas in the van, and Melissa trained him how to be a compassionate human being.”

A selfie of Dan and Melissa attending a wedding together.

Melissa and fellow CapacityCorps members serving at Rebuilding Together New Orleans.

Julia and Nic               

“We met at orientation before my first term in Washington, D.C. It was not love at first sight, but maybe more…mutual interest at first sight. Flash forward to our first MLK Week of Service trip in Oklahoma where Nic wheeled and dealed for us to be working on the same house for the week…and the rest is history. I can definitively say AmeriLove is REAL, and there is no way I would have married someone who didn’t show me that community service was a priority.” Julia served two AmeriCorps terms with Rebuilding Together Acadiana, and Nic served one term with Rebuilding Together Oakland.

Nic and Julia powering up on coffee and conversation before another full day of rebuilding during MLK Week of Service.

Julia and Nic’s friends – Erika and Eric

Not only did Julia meet her husband through AmeriCorps, “I met my best friend Erika serving at Rebuilding Together Acadiana and here she is in our wedding looking fly. Also, our friend Eric, who served at Rebuilding Together Baltimore officiated the wedding and it was magical. So really AmeriCorps brought together the whole party.”

Julia and Erika hugging at the wedding.
Julia and Nic hugging their officiant and fellow AmeriCorps alumnus, Eric.

Jessie and Iain

“I met my husband, Iain, rebuilding Katrina-damaged homes in New Orleans back in 2008, though it did take a while for me to figure out he was my husband. We were both on our second AmeriCorps term when we met at an AmeriBoard Game Night and became good friends. I loved getting to meet and get to know people from all over—some of my best friends and favorite people came into my life through AmeriCorps.”

Jessie and Iain on their wedding day.

Jessie and Iain with friends they met through AmeriCorps on their wedding day.

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-Ethan Beardsley, Manager, National Service Programs