April is National Rebuilding Month!

April 1, 2020
by Chelsea Estes, Manager, Marketing & Communications at Rebuilding Together National

Happy National Rebuilding Month, [Re]Builders!

During National Rebuilding Month, we celebrate the work of Rebuilding Together throughout the year, installing smoke alarms, removing old carpet that can create trip hazards and trigger asthma, repairing roofs to prevent leaks and stop mold from growing, and so much more.

Each year, thousands of volunteers across the country come together to serve thousands of neighbors and communities in need. Due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic across the United States, Rebuilding Together will observe National Rebuilding Month online this year, and has postponed its scheduled builds across the country. However, that doesn’t mean we are losing sight of our vision!

At Rebuilding Together, we are all about safety. Research shows a direct correlation between the physical conditions of homes and health indicators like mortality, disability, mental health, injury and violence. Millions of people in the United States are currently experiencing the health and economic consequences of living in unsafe homes.

That is why we are encouraging everyone during National Rebuilding Month to take advantage of the additional time at home to increase the safety of their home by following these simple steps.

For more information on National Rebuilding Month and ways you can make your own home safe and healthy, visit rebuildingtogether.org/nrm and follow #RebuildingMonth on social media.