Celebrating Susan Hawfield’s Commitment to Rebuilding Together

November 16, 2021
by Caroline Blakely, President and CEO at Rebuilding Together National

Each year, the Patty R. Johnson Community Builder award is presented to someone who exemplifies dedicated leadership in service to communities in need. The 2021 recipient of this award is Susan Hawfield, senior vice president of enterprise risk management.

Not only do I want to congratulate her again, but as Susan retires at the end of 2021, I also want to highlight her career shifts within the organization to demonstrate the breadth and depth of her impact on Rebuilding Together.

Susan originally joined the national organization in September of 1999 in the program department. In four and half years, she moved from manager to director, supporting new affiliate launches, gathering data, running the annual conference, launching new partnerships with the American Osteopathic Association, the American Occupational Therapist Association and others in our work of home modifications. Susan then headed to Rebuilding Together Montgomery County in Maryland to become the affiliate’s director of programs for three years and then the executive director for seven years.

Under her leadership, Rebuilding Together Montgomery County grew to six staff members and two AmeriCorps members with a budget of $1 million. Susan led those beyond her local affiliate during that time, serving on the National Affiliate Council as a representative, secretary and chair.

In 2013, Susan rejoined the national office in the affiliate services department. As the senior vice president, Susan’s team consisted of the three regional directors and the national service programs team (AmeriCorps).

Susan’s 22 years of impact on the organization is immeasurable. She has been essential to the growth of the network over the years. Susan has been a mentor, friend and inspiration to countless volunteers, staff and board members of our affiliates. I am proud to know Susan and congratulate her on receiving this well-deserved recognition.

Tom Johnson, husband of the late Patty R. Johnson, and president of the board of the Saint & Streetfighter Foundation said,

"We congratulate Susan Hawfield on the recognition of her long-standing commitment to Rebuilding Together, first at the affiliate level and then at the national office. Susan’s leadership and guidance have spanned all areas of the organizations and at all levels. She and Patty worked together on the growth of the Montgomery County affiliate as well as at the national level. As Susan retires, we thank her for her tireless work and for the impact she has made over these many years. Godspeed!"

Susan is a [Re]Builder at heart and I know this won’t change after her retirement.