Homeowner Receives No-Cost Essential Home Repairs from Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada & Lowe’s

March 1, 2024
by Rick Curtis, Director of Programs at Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada

Born in Las Vegas and raised in Henderson, Nev., Johnnie loves his community and home — it’s where he raised his two children since purchasing his house in 2007. He enjoys the quiet neighborhood and large yard. When he recently experienced an unexpected and expensive plumbing problem, Johnnie reached out to Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada for help.

In partnership with Lowe’s, Rebuilding Together solved Johnnie’s plumbing challenges and replaced his water heater. Additionally, a group of Lowe’s employee volunteers painted the entire exterior of Johnnie’s home, cleaned up the yard and landscaped.

“Rebuilding Together saved me because I couldn’t do that on my own. If it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be in this house because I wouldn’t have water,” Johnnie said.