The Impact of Community Connection in Gramercy Park

October 6, 2022
by Joanna Aiken, Board President at Rebuilding Together of the Palm Beaches

Neighbors like Dorette, Jacqueline and Urceline – all of whom recently received home repairs – remind me of the importance of community connection and inclusion. Like many of the neighbors we serve, these three ladies have lived in their homes for four decades.

They know almost everything they need to know about their beloved neighborhood, Gramercy Park, and what they love most about it is the family-oriented environment.

Dorette, Jacqueline and Urceline take great pride in their homes and work together to maintain them and the surrounding community. Despite their best efforts, they started to notice damages to their roofs and safety hazards around their homes. Dorette, Jacqueline and Urceline tried to contain and fix the issues, but it became increasingly hard to make the repairs themselves.

Dorette was working in the community when we met. I shared with her information about Rebuilding Together of the Palm Beaches and our home repair program. She was thrilled to help connect Jaqueline and Urceline to our services and see what support we could provide. Last month, employee volunteers from Lowe's joined us to provide essential home repairs for Dorette, Jacqueline and Urceline to help improve their homes’ health and safety, increase independence and help facilitate aging in place. Together we were able to replace their roofs, rotting wood, vents and screening, repair the stucco, install new lights and complete other home modifications and landscaping.

With support from Lowe’s, Rebuilding Together affiliates in more than 36 communities across the country are helping neighbors in need just like Dorette, Jacqueline and Urceline, remain safe and healthy in the homes they love.