Keeping Joaquin’s Dream Alive

October 5, 2022
by Jodie Liddy, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together Colorado

"This was Joaquin's dream, and we plan to keep his dream and his memory alive," Joaquin’s father Oscar shared. Since Joaquin’s sudden passing in February of this year, Oscar, along with Joaquin’s brothers, have worked to keep the Topeira Boxing Club running. Joaquin built the gym from the ground up, with its first location in the two-car garage of his family home. With hard work and the support of his family, friends and clients, the Topeira Boxing Club was able to move to its current location in 2013.

The Topeira Boxing Club is the cornerstone of its Denver community. Its welcoming atmosphere has created a positive outlet for children, adults and people in need. But there was a problem…the facility itself was in need of essential repairs.

As part of the UFC/Modelo Refurbishment program, volunteers from Rebuilding Together Metro Denver were able to make repairs to the gym’s interior. The volunteer group even had help from a very special guest, UFC lightweight Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje, who came by to lend a hand! In addition to the repairs, the team at Topeira received new equipment including bags, gloves, mitts and weights.

Gyms like Topeira Boxing Club provide more than a workout, they provide a safe space for members of a community to learn, gather and create an environment to build meaningful relationships. The improvements made to Topeira Boxing Club will ensure that the special place Joaquin created, will support his community for years to come.

With Rebuilding Together’s partnership with UFC and Modelo, we have the opportunity to help our neighbors who find a safe space in local training gyms. We are thrilled to be able to continue to work together to revitalize more gyms work in communities all over the United States.