Maintaining Communities by Workforce Training

February 24, 2021
by Robin Brown, Director, Workforce Training Program at Rebuilding Together New York City+

Preserving affordable housing and building sustainable communities is at the center of what Rebuilding Together New York City does. A key part of maintaining safe and healthy homes and communities is workforce development. The ability for individuals to gain employment and earn a living wage is essential for communities to prosper.

That’s why Rebuilding Together New York City created our Workforce Training Program. We re-skill un- and under-employed individuals for careers in construction, an industry that remains the heartbeat of NYC’s economy.

Women like Daisha are the inspiration for what we do. Seeing the impact our program has made on her life is remarkable. Before joining our Construction Training Program, Daisha didn’t know what she wanted to do. After hard work and determination, she finished the program and is ready to take on a career in construction. “Now I’m a young woman with goals. I’m ready to get a house and ready to live my best life.”

Helping individuals in our communities strengthen their skills will help our communities grow. Our Workforce Training Program is just one vital step in creating safe homes and communities for everyone.