Supporting Our Friends at Top Tiger Team Boxing

November 2, 2022
by Beth Morrison, Executive Director at Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte

Andre Miguel has been coaching boxing for nearly 30 years. He is a former Brazilian heavyweight boxing champion with an impressive skill set which includes Karate, Judo and Jiu Jitsu, and has been praised as one of the best coaches in the business. Andre fell in love with the art of boxing when he was just 20 years old and loves to share that passion with others through his teachings.

After training in a facility in New York, he moved to North Carolina a few years ago and opened Top Tiger Team Boxing. Though there were many obstacles, through hard work and dedication, Top Tiger Team Boxing has already gained recognition as one of the top gyms in the Charlotte area. With its family-like support system, the gym has become a lot of people’s home away from home. But in order to continue supporting the members of its community, critical repairs and new equipment were needed.

As part of the UFC/Modelo Refurbishment program, Rebuilding Together Of Greater Charlotte was able to help with essential repairs to the gym’s interior, creating a safer and healthier environment for the gym’s growing client base. They even had help from UFC athlete, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, who stopped by to get in on the action! In addition to the repairs, the team at Top Tiger received a brand-new boxing ring. The gym revamp was also complemented by a very special addition, a custom mural by artist Garrison Gist. With the repairs that were made and new boxing ring available to the gym’s athletes, we hope that Andre and his team will be able to share their passion for boxing with the Charlotte community for years to come.Community revitalization reaches beyond houses. Gyms and training centers are essential pieces of communities, and to some people, they are a safe haven. By partnering with UFC and Modelo, we are grateful that we are able to provide no-cost repairs for training gyms, like Top Tiger Team Boxing, so that they can continue to support and provide for the members of their community.