VIDEO: What Does Home Mean To You This Year?

December 17, 2020
by Katy Martin, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications at Rebuilding Together National

Many of us are continuing to stay at home for the holidays this year. Here’s a look at what home has meant to us in 2020:

  • A roof over our heads, outside of the rain and snow
  • A place of refuge and warmth
  • The ability to make food with working appliances
  • A chance to gather with family around the table (in person or virtually)
  • Home is a place where memories are made and cherished
  • A responsibility and something to call our own
  • Somewhere we leave and always come back again

For our neighbors, having a safe and healthy home means improved phyical and mental health, increased safety and independence, community connection and economic sustainability. Read more about the recent impact measurement report here.

Our homes mean so much, especially this year. We are grateful to have a safe place to shelter. Join Rebuilding Together and help make sure every neighbor can do the same!

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