Why a safe and healthy home is important to me

February 16, 2021
by Tre Boston, Free Safety for the Carolina Panthers & [Re]Builder at Rebuilding Together National

I grew up in Fort Meyers, Florida in a home that was 700 square feet. My mom was a single parent and we didn’t have much. She worked hard every day to make sure me and my brother were safe and healthy.

Growing up in the inner city, I witnessed firsthand the struggles many families had keeping the lights on, making sure they had food on their table and maintaining their home.

When I heard about Rebuilding Together and the work they do to make homes and communities safe and healthy, their mission resonated with me.

I have a family of my own now and I understand the importance of having a safe home and community. As a father, I want to set my children up for success in life. One of the ways I can do this it to make sure they have a safe home and community where they can learn, play and thrive.

Having a safe and healthy home is very important, especially now during the pandemic. We’re spending a lot more quality time together as a family. I’m really thankful for that. During this time and as we’ve been preparing for the arrival of a new baby, my wife and I have been making sure our home is safe and healthy. Last weekend, I shared a few home safety tips to help make your home safer.  

This is the kind of work Rebuilding Together does every day. They work year-round to provide safety modifications and essential home repairs for neighbors in need across the country.

I really enjoyed teaming up with them for the 26th Annual Kickoff to Rebuild event in Tampa Bay. Their commitment to giving back to the host city of the Super Bowl is incredible and I’m happy to do my part to help make homes and communities safer.

When my kids grow up, I hope they will not only have happy memories of home but will also carry the tradition of helping those in need.

Because of Rebuilding Together, families just like mine, have the opportunity to live in safe and healthy homes and communities.