Yvonne's Story: Improving Mental Health Through Home Repairs

December 7, 2021
by Melissa Stutzbach, Vice President of National Programs and Impact Measurement at Rebuilding Together National

Our neighbor Yvonne and her family have called their house in a small neighborhood “home” since 1989; but a car accident when she was younger, and the many health complications that followed, made it hard to keep up with the house as the three decades of wear and tear started piling up. The stress and constant reminders of unfinished tasks and costly repairs made it all the more overwhelming.  

Our team of [Re]Builders made essential repairs to help make her home safe again, all at no-cost to Yvonne. They replaced the roof, provided bathroom and kitchen repairs, cleared debris from the back yard and repaired the siding, gutters and roof, among various other repairs.

“It feels like a miracle. It really does. I’m just amazed that people who don’t even know me are willing to pitch in.”

The last two years have challenged all of us in new and unexpected ways. 

Through our years of working with community members, we know just how much a comfortable, secure home means for good mental health and emotional resiliency. More than 60% of the neighbors we worked with who felt highly stressed about their home told us home repairs reduced their anxiety and improved their overall mental health

Today, Yvonne has peace of mind because her home is now safe and healthy. She looks forward to aging in place, free from worry, in the home and community she loves.