My First National Rebuilding Day in Lansing

May 6, 2022
by Katie Alexander, Manager, Federal Grants Implementation at Rebuilding Together National

Despite it being an overcast day, I got to experience my first National Rebuilding Day with dozens of other volunteers and [Re]Builders this past Saturday. Volunteers from Lansing’s First Christian Church, University United Methodist Church, East Lansing and Mason Community Church, East Lansing University Lutheran Church, East Lansing Riverview Church and Riverview Church and Friends joined Rebuilding Together Tri-County to repair homes and revitalize our community. As a Lansing resident myself, getting to participate in this work first-hand was an amazing experience. I got to see the impact Rebuilding Together Tri-County is having on the Lansing community.

Rebuilding Together Tri-County repaired five homes in Lansing, including Linda’s home in the Genesee neighborhood. There, volunteers came out to replace basement windows, seal an old coal chute, replace handle pulls on the kitchen cabinets and turn-over her garden so it was ready for planting flowers and vegetables this spring. As a fellow gardener, I can appreciate preparing for the upcoming season and hope she has a beautiful crop this year.

Linda was very appreciative of the work from local volunteers. The repairs she received will help reduce energy usage in her home and make it easier for her to enjoy tending to her garden this spring and summer.

It was a great morning meeting new folks in the community and being able to help a fellow neighbor who lives not far from me. I can’t wait to attend more National Rebuilding Day projects in the future. To find your local affiliate and get involved, please visit